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by admin on August 1, 2015

Dear friends,

First of all, thanks for all your feedbacks. At this moment, I’m working on all your thoughts and contributions.

I know that changes are always difficult but… we really need them at WSKA. Even for us, me and Henrique, was a total surprise that more than 90% of the votes were in our candidature. We felt very proud but, above all, we also felt the obligation of not fail with all those people.

My first step, was asking to the old direction, all the details. At this moment, I’m still waiting for some.
While I’m waiting, I worked on my main goals to WSKA.

Creation of Specialization Departments for whom we’ll count with the more experienced people in each area. As soon as I have all the details I’m waiting for, I’ll will start to invite you all to these depts.:

1.Rules and Technical Issues
All about competitions: judges system, seeding, rankings, etc.

2.Worlds Championships and sanctioned events by WSKA
A dept. that will support the local organization of each country where those events gonna be.

3.Constructers and brands consultants
A dept. where ALL the brands will be represented so they can help WSKA with their knowledge about surfkayaks, safety systems, paddles, etc.

A dept. that will create the publications to promote worldwide all our decisions, events, completion results, meetings, etc.

5.National Delegates
All will count for the discussions and we’re working about the profile from those who can fill this dept. and, specifically, who can vote.

6.Honorific Committee
A group of ambassadors and wise men and women that contributed to our sport and can always have a word with their experience.

A dept. filled with less than 25 years old young paddlers that would give us their feedbacks and ideas about our sport.

Besides all these dept., the new Direction will also have the task of writing the bylaws and all the rules of WSKA so this complicated situation that we’re passing now, will never happen again.

The current working team, is simply a group of people I asked for some help in these first steps. As soon as we have all the National Delegates nominated, that will be the WSKA new direction plus, a secretary and a treasurer. I hope we can reach a good understanding about all this. We all have in common the passion for our sport,


Javi Diaz

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