WSKA – Who’s who, and how it works. Last updated: 14 October 2017

The Members are the surf kayakers who pay a subscription fee at each World Championships.

The Country Representatives are the channel of communication between their nations’ surf kayakers and the WSKA.  They share information both ways, and represent their nation’s views in all aspects of the WSKA.  Each nation is responsible for selecting their Country Rep and advising the WSKA secretary of the name and contact details.  (WSKA is not responsible for chasing each Country to inform or update their Representative).

The Country Representatives entitled to vote are the Countries which entered the Team event in the past three World Championships (including the current one).  These Country Reps will vote on any significant matters when they are called upon to do so, being given 2 weeks maximum to discuss with their country if required.   Any deciding vote will be cast by the Chairman if required.

From October 2017 to the start of the 2019 World Championships, the Country Representatives entitled to vote are:

Australia – Liam Thierens 

Basque – Edu Etxeberria

Denmark – Bo Opperman Blankholm

England – Denzil Pearce

Galicia – Jose Pineiro

Ireland – Mike Barry

Jersey / British Islands – Stuart McGlinchey

Northern Ireland / Ulster – Andy McClelland

Portugal – no personal contact provided

Scotland – Ian Sherrington

USA West – Mat Hoff

Wales – Tim Thomas

From October 2017 to the start of the 2019 World Championships, the Country Representatives (without voting responsibilities) are:

Canada – Ted Morris

Costa Rica – Alvaro ‘Toca’ Gonzales

Peru – Nathan Eades

US East – Joey Hall

France – Pablo Arrouays

Isle of Man – Richard Cregan-Watson

The following Countries are represented at the 2017 or previous World Championships and are invited to nominate their Representative, and inform WSKA of their name and contact details:

Argentina, Brazil, Catalonia, Italy, Japan, Sweden

Other Countries known to have active surf kayakers are Israel and Norway.

The Committee are people within surf kayaking who have volunteered to contribute to the organisation, goals and success of the WSKA.

They are responsible for the routine operations of WSKA, and for researching and refining any significant proposals or recommendations to put before the Country Reps for decision.

Current WSKA Committee members are:

John Watson – Interim Chairman

Darren Bason

Denzil Pearce

Edu Etxeberria

Joey Hall

Jose Pineiro

Malcolm Pearcey

Mat Hoff

Neil Baxter

Peter Blenkinsop

Rusty Sage

Stuart McGlinchey

Tim Thomas

Xabi Olano

Ashley Hunter, Canoe Association Northern Ireland (CANI) – liaison for the 2017 Worlds.

Specific roles are also nominated:  Stuart McGlinchey – Treasurer, Mat Hoff – Facebook, Joey Hall – Media, Edu Etxeberria – World Cup.  The position of Secretary is currently vacant.

Funds are generated for the WSKA by each participant contributing £10 / 10 Euro / $10 with their entry fee.

Funds are used for any essential costs in running the WSKA, and held in reserve to support World Championship events if necessary.  All work for WSKA is voluntary and unpaid.

An explanation of the recent history of the WSKA and how it reached this point is in the Downloads section on   

There will be an election for WSKA Chairman at the 2017 World Championships in Northern Ireland.

Photo credit: Denzil Pearce