The Members are the surf kayakers who pay a subscription fee at each World Championships.

The Country Representatives represent their nation’s views and vote on important matters when they are called upon to do so. They are also the channel of communication between their nations surf kayakers and the WSKA. Each nation is responsible for selecting their Country Rep and advising the WSKA secretary.


(Extract from the WSKA Rules following a decision by Members at the 2013 Worlds, and published since that time on the WSKA website.)

The Country Reps will vote on any important decisions the WSKA want to make.

The countries entitled to a vote are countries that entered in the team event in the last 3 world championships (or the Current competition and 2 before). (So since the Galician competition in 2015, any country that entered a team at the, USA East, Australian or Galician worlds)

These countries are responsible for giving the name and contact details of their Country Rep to the committee. (WSKA won’t chase the country).

When a decision is needed to be made, these Reps will vote on the outcome, being given 2 weeks maximum to discuss with their country if required.

Any deciding vote will be cast by the chairman if required. 

The current voting Country Reps are:  

US East – Joey Hall

US West – Matt Hoff

England – John Watson

Australia – Liam Thierens 

Scotland – Ian Sherrington

Galacia – Javier Diaz Blanco

Jersey – Stuart McGlinchey

Portugal – Rui Calado

Wales – Andy Bailey

Basque – Edu Etxeberria

Ireland – Mike Barry

Northern Ireland – Still Required

The Committee are people within surf kayaking who have volunteered to contribute to the organisation, goals and success of the WSKA.

Peter Blenkinsop (Interim Chairman)

Edu Etxeberria (World Cup)

Liam Thierens

Darren Bason

Urko Otxao (World Cup)

Stuart McGlinchey (Treasurer)

Matt Hoff (Facebook)

Neil Baxter

Joey Hall (Website)

Rusty Sage

Chris Bensch

Malcolm Pearcey

Denzil Pearce

Tim Thomas

Denis Judson

John watson

Javier Diaz Blanco (Waiting for confirmation)

André Pinto (Waiting for confirmation)

Henrique Frazão (Waiting for confirmation)

Please note: The Secretary position was asked for at Pantin, but no one was voted in. This will be sorted after the new chairman is in position.

Also the competition liaison for the 2017 worlds is yet to be appointed by the competition organisers.