World Championships 2015

by Pete Blenkinsop on August 30, 2014

Photo: June 29 - July 5 2015


2013 Worlds updated results

by Pete Blenkinsop on June 11, 2014

These are the updated results for the worlds 2013 Australia
The only difference is the addition of James Gossan who was missed out.
But everyone else’s results stays the same, his name was just missing.

Full Results World SurfKayaking Championships 2013

1st Urko Utxoa          Basque
2nd Steve Farthing  Australia
3rd Darren Bason    Australia
4th Liam Thierens   Australia
5th = Xabi Olano     Basque
5th = Matt Hoff        USA West
7th = Terry Robson-Petch Australia
7th = James Gossan  England
9th = Corin King       Northern Ireland
9th = Odei Exterrebia Basque
9th = Jon Mount       England
9th = Edu Exterrebia Basque
13th = Julen Arrizabalaga Basque
13th = Jake King Northern Ireland
13th = Dylan Petherick England
16th = Andy McClelland Northern Ireland
16th = Kieran McDyre
16th = Marcus Gasparini Brazil
16th = John McGrath Australia
16th = Masaki Motsumoto Japan
21st = Ted Morris Canada
21st = Pete Blenkinsop England
21st = Wouter Wynberg
21st = Ben Keir
21st = Andy McCullough England
21st = William Johnson Jersey
21st = Connor O Donnell
21st = Rob McKay
21st = Nigel Bland Australia
21st = Dan Green England
31st = Peter Brook Australia
31st = David DuPort Guernsey
31st = Jim Grossman USA West
31st = Mark Mustchin Australia
31st = Shota Onishi Japan
31st = Dan Griffith
31st = Carlisle Landel USA West
31st = Steve Worley Australia
31st = David Priddis Jersey

(39 Paddlers)

1st Jake King Northern Ireland
2nd Edu Etxeberria Basque
3rd Darren Bason Australia
4th Julen Arrizabalaga Basque
5th = Urko Otxoa Basque
5th = Jim Grossman USA West
7th = Gary Adcock England
7th = Corin King Northern Ireland
7th = Xabi Olano Basque
10th Andy McCelland Northern Ireland
11th = Andy McCullough England
11th = Liam Thierens Australia
11th = Terry Robson-Petch Australia
11th = James Gossan England
11th = Ben Keir
16th = Nigel Bland Australia
16th = Rob McKay Australia
16th = Matt Hoff USA West
16th = William Johnson Jersey
16th = David Priddis Jersey
21st = Peter Blenkinsop England

1st Darren Bason Australia
2nd Steve Farthing Australia
3rd Jim Grossman USA West
4th Stuart McGlinchey Jersey
5th = Terry Robson-Petch Australia
5th = Gary Adcock England
7th = Nigel Bland Australia
7th = Oskar Martinez Basque
9th = Dan Griffith
9th = Maskai Matsumoto Japan
11th Andy McCullough England

1st Darren Bason Australia
2nd Terry Robson-Petch Australia
3rd Gary Adcock England
4th Jim Grossman USA West
5th = Nigel Bland Australia
5th = Oskar Martinez Basque
7th = Stuart McGlinchey Jersey
7th = Andy McCullough England

1st Tracy Gibson Australia
2nd Kate Duncan USA West
3rd Garazi Iturralde Basque
4th Rachel Krugman USA West
5th = Teresa Carrenza Basque
5th = Tamsin Green England
7th = Devon Barker-Hicks USA West
7th = Ainhoa Tolosa Basque
9th = Melissa Hardy Australia
9th = Roberta Borasri Brazil
11th = Rachel Wall USA West
11th = Kim Vallence Jersey
13th Chrissie Elsmore England

1st Ainhoa Tolosa Basque
2nd Garazi Iturralde Basque
3rd Rachel Krugman USA West
4th Tamsin Green England
5th = Devon Barker-Hicks USA West
5th = Chrissie Elsmore England
7th = Kimberly Vallance Jersey
7th = Teresa Carenza Basque

1st Ted Morris Canada
2nd Txema Carreto Basque
3rd Mark Mustchin Australia
4th Carlisle Landel USA West
5th = Marcus Gasparini Brazil
5th = Brenton Peddler

1st Odei Exteberria Basque
2nd James Gossan England
3rd Buey Grossman USA West
4th Eden Bason Australia

1st James Gossan England
2nd Odei Exteberria Basque
3rd Eden Bason Australia
4th Buey Grossman USA West


The WSKA Country REP’s

April 5, 2014

These are the people who are going to vote on all the important issues that the committee or the people want to change. US East, Joey Hall, US West, Matt Hoff, England, John Watson, Australia, Terry Robson-Petch, Scotland, Neil Baxter, Galacia, Javier Diaz Blanco Japan, Shota Onishi Jersey, Stuart McGlinchey Portugal, Rui Calado, Wales, Andy […]

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The World Cup 2014

March 11, 2014

This years World Cup is now going ahead. This will have winners from the top paddlers of the 4 World Cup ranking events from USA West, England, Basque Country and Portugal. All the details are at: http://kswc2014.blogspot.com/

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New Committee Member

February 10, 2014

The latest news is that Javier Diaz Blanco has Joined the committee from Galicia as a liaison for the World Championships 2015 organising committee. Darren Bason has left the committee for the for the moment due to other commitments.

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December 12, 2013

The WSKA now has a facebook page!!! log on and fine us. all the latest should be there!!

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World Championships 2015

December 12, 2013

It has been announced that the World Championships in 2015 will be held in Galicia, Spain!!!! This is looking like a great venue. The competition will be held at the Pantin Beach.

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October 5, 2013
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Results 2013 World Championships

October 5, 2013

OPEN HIGH PERFORMANCE 1st Urko (Mega Bullit Xs ) 2nd Steve Farthing (Mega Phantom) 3rd Darren Bason ( Menace ) 4th Liam Thierens ( FX ) 5th = Xabi Olano (Water tech , Ona ) 5th = Matt Hoff ( Revolution ) 7th = Terry Robson Petch ( Revolution ) 9th = Corin King (Mega […]

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Sorry Everyone

September 14, 2013

No idea why steve video won’t bring up the video, but the link does work. willl continue trying.

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