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Dear friends,

First of all, we would like to thanks to the last WSKA direction. They’re the ones who, through his work for 7 years have contributed to the current state of kayaksurf.

However, their contribution has come to an end. Came to an end, all the previous form work.

The current direction of WSKA, democratically elected, will present in a set of strategies and procedures that we believe to be highly beneficial for the development of world kayaksurf.

There have been many resistances and several setbacks encountered in the previous passage to the current. This difficulty is reflected among other things in the inability of publication of the results of the recent World’s, control of the website, facebook page and bank account.

The current direction soon will present our work strategies, objectives and procedures for a better development and regulation of kayaksurf. All democratically and transparently.

Currently the direction of WSKA is developing efforts in order to establish our working group which will be based on the representativeness of the various countries. And, this working group will, among other things, determine whether it will exist and we want to profile to the members of the Committee.

We are convinced that with the help of all of you, we will contribute to the development of this sport that we love so much.

Javier Diaz



Worlds 2015 | Full Results | Rankings

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Best Wave: Edu Etxeberria  – 10 points

Best Move: Stefano Bellotti

Technical Director: Duda Birra


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2017 Surfkayak World Championships @ Northern Ireland

July 12, 2015

After a pioneer vote made between all the paddlers, Northern Ireland has achieved the preferences for next worlds. They will be held in Portrush! Congratulations to Northern Ireland and all the best till 2017! In the photo, we can see Denise Lazarescu inviting all the paddlers after received the Galician flag.

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WSKA with new leadership

July 12, 2015

Javier Diaz Blanco, from Spain and Henrique Frazão, from Portugal, are the new president and vice-president of Word Surfkayak Association. This new team already works for our sport. Their first step, was promoting an auscultation between all the paddlers in Pantin Worlds about the place for next worlds. Northern Ireland won. Now, WSKA developed  a […]

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July 5, 2015

The new chairman of the WSKA is Javier Diaz Blanco.  Peter Blenkinsop will be stepping back to the committee. After 7 years he decided to step down.  All the best to Javier

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2017 world championships 

July 5, 2015

The 2017 surf kayak world championships is to be held in Northern Ireland !!

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WSKA committee

June 11, 2015

If anyone is looking at getting more involved in surf kayaking and fancy getting much further involved and is happy to work towards a better world championships. The WSKA needs people who are happy to work and can help make the competitions run to a international standard.  If you are one of these, please make […]

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The Use of Buoyancy Aid’s and Impact vests (PDF’s) While Surf Kayaking In Competitions

June 11, 2015

Buoyancy Aids and Impact Vests all come under the general term ‘PDF’ or ‘Personal Floatation Device’. So why wear a PDF?  Most water based sports either; Has the person attached to the equipment, so it can be used as a floatation device if required, or they wear a PDF. Historically most forms of kayaking in […]

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May 20, 2015

If anyone wants to submit any proposals, rule changes of applications for running the next world championships,You have until the end of May (less than 12 days) So get them to me asap!!

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Proposals to be discussed at the worlds

February 23, 2015

Hello paddlers The next World Championships will take place in Galicia, Spain at the end of June 2015. I would like to invite proposals for the 2017 World Championships. There is a guide on submitting your proposal, email me for a copy if required. The WSKA is looking at the format of the team and […]

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